Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Switching Gears

This blog that is so dear to me has been on hiatus for a while now. My family and I moved from Thailand to Saudi Arabia, and my new job is teaching PreK and not in the library. Because of that, I have not been sure what to do with the blog. After we took some time to settle in here, I am ready to switch gears with it for a while and turn it into an early literacy book recommendation blog. I know when I was in the library, it was sometimes difficult to find those fabulous books that just clicked with the wee ones--they have a lot of wiggles and very small attention spans. Since that is my life now, I have a ton of great recommendations! 

But, before I start telling you about those books, I thought I would close the last chapter by sharing this gorgeous note a 2nd grader left on my library desk in Bangkok. He had just arrived from Finland, and his English was just emerging, but when I read the note, (it says--"I love what you have done with the place") I asked him what he meant. He swept his arm out in this grand gesture to show the whole library and said, 

"This. I just love what you have done with it."

Well, I could not think of a better compliment from a kid than to love his library and the way it made him feel. I keep the note with me in my wallet now until I find the perfect tiny frame to put it in.

I love what you have done with the place. 

And, although I am not in the library anymore, this is still my philosophy. My 4 year olds are already reading machines--I can hardly keep up with them! 

Great books coming super soon!

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Yeah, she's back!!!
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