Wednesday, 17 February 2010


Thanks again to Twitter and @imcguy, the fun of Storybird has come my way.

The site provides a story template with tons of amazing artists who have created a set of illustrations to be used. Simply choose an artist (I am loving the bright colors and playfulness of Paul McDougall), drag a picture into the blank page and add text. Students will need emails to create their own account, but they can play around and create a story without signing up. Note that they cannot save the story.

My plan is to have the 1st and 2nd graders take some time experimenting with this site during our time next week, and then I'll send home a note about the site so parents can sign their kids up. I see it as a great way to be creative at home with storytelling. Plus, the inspiration from the illustrations is sure to have some kids drawing to their heart's content.

Care to read mine? Feel free.


accredited online colleges said...

This is yet another fantastic educational tool to promote new ways of learning. The more that technology evolves, the more opportunities that develop to find customizable ways to teach students on an individually and with methods that work for their personal learning styles. Not to mention this could be seen as a green initiative - save paper but still over storytelling...

Jeni said...

Thanks for posting this. Do you know a similar site that will allow the students to print their story? I'd like to use it with 2nd graders.