Friday, 19 February 2010


After a major remodel a few years ago, our Learning Hub is now very contemporary and funky. The hanging bubble chairs are a huge hit with students, and we have a space that brings them a lot of joy. The only job left to be completed was the signage-- we really wanted to make sure we found signage that fit the vibe of our Hub.

Enter the fabulous Kevin Hennah, library design guru (and much more) out of Australia. Kim and I hosted Kevin at ISB back in August and all the regional librarians unanimously agreed that he was fantastic. He helped us sort out our signage by brainstorming ways to incorporate our contemporary style into the design.

It took a bit longer than we thought to finally see our vision come alive, but it's all coming together this week. Since our entire space is designed to be flexible, these hollow plastic blocks slip in and out of shelves easily, and they are color-coded for picture books and fiction. They look so very professional.

The non-fiction is even more flexible in that we just slide in whatever we need with topics to guide students.
I know when I searched online for signage design ideas, I had a hard time finding something with a bit of funk to it. Hopefully sharing these ideas can fill a gap. I'm also keen to know what others use for signage to store away ideas for the future.


Kim Cofino said...

Looking so good! We are so lucky to have Kevin visit and to actually be able to implement his suggestions.

Gwen Martin said...

I have been looking for signage ideas for this library. Did you create them in-house or purchase them from somewhere?