Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Library Love

Yes, Wallwisher again. I'm hooked. So authentic, so easy and such instant gratification. I've been showing it to as many students and teachers as I can.
I put up this Wallwisher up on the Smartboard and had it 'open for business' during the 4th and 5th grade recess times, as well as during some of the library times. After I gave a short demo, some kids came up and added to the wall. I promise I didn't add all those comments that say 'mstara'--learning as I go and left myself logged in so the students' names came up as mine.

What a fabulous way to collect and analyze data about your library. It let me see so clearly what is working for the students, and you can't beat feeling the library love either! Perhaps the next question is "What can we do to improve our Hub?"

Chrissy, our fab grade 5 teacher and soon-to-be technology coach in the elementary, just sent me another site like Wallwisher. Worth checking out!


Miss M said...

Thanks for blogging about wall wisher and stixy . . . I'm planning on using one (or both) with my classes soon!

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