Monday, 16 November 2009

Paperless Planning

When moving from the classroom to the library a few years ago, I discovered that lesson planning was much trickier. Once so neat and clean and organized and color-coded as a classroom teacher, all of a sudden I had a completely different kind of schedule that changed everyday. There were a lot of sticky notes, Word documents and way too many pieces of paper.

Enter paperless planning from Planbookedu to bring me a sweet sigh of relief. It is nothing short of brilliant, and I don't think it takes that much longer than traditional planbook planning. The overwhelming benefit is that everything is in one place, stored forever, and with the oh-so-amazing features of linking to websites and attaching documents right to my lesson plan. For example, if you look right there on Friday's lesson, the paperclip shows that all my notes about the lesson focus, youtube links, and everything needed for the lesson is just a click away. Now, if only it could only help me figure out how I am going to be in two places at once on Wednesday...


Matt Curry said...

Hi Tara,
Thank you for the kind post. Please let us know if you have any questions.


Colleen said...

Cool! I wish it could do a 6 day school cycle so I could enter in my class times for the year all at once and then add in the specific daily lessons and activities. I wonder if Matt will come back and read my comment! Come back, Matt! Come back!!!