Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Making Ordering Even More Fun

I was recently told of a site called Lookybook, and it has quickly become my new favorite place to hang out and check out books. Lookybook has a huge selection of children's books you can read online, cover to cover, with full illustrations, pretty close to having the book in your hand.

At first I thought it was just a great resource for teachers, but I soon discovered a fabulous benefit for me:it gives me a chance to leaf through the book and decide if it's something the library collection will love. Pouring over illustrations, looking for the rhythm of language that appeals to kids, and having a gander at recently published books has allowed me to discover some gems that I've added to the order, like this Canadian book I know many students and teachers will enjoy. The only negative is that I have to wait until August to have the books in my hands.


Amy Scott Blake said...

Hi Tara,
My mom gave Blake 3 Per-Henrik Gurth Canada books last summer and they are all lovely.
Scott's favorite, favorite book is the Leaving Microsoft to Change the World book. He's always talking about it.
Missing you & Happy Hols

Eric said...

Do you remember me? Eric, from last year

Colleen said...

Very cool! I just signed up. I need to get back up to speed on elementary literature, so this will help.

Besides being able to read the books online, it's almost like www.librarything.com for picture books because you can add books to your bookshelf. I wonder if they have a widget, too? It would be fun to have random picture books on our blogs!