Thursday, 25 September 2008

"Unconferencing" with Librarians

One of my favorite parts of Learning 2.0 was the "unconferencing" option. The organizers set aside time slots where people could gather to talk about whatever they wanted. I scheduled an unconference for librarians out of sheer curiosity of who was at the conference and was thrilled to find about 18 of us from all over the region. We had a lively conversation and went around the table talking about what some of our questions and passions are as librarians in various schools.

I took notes on our conversation, and these were the main themes:

1. space redesign--how to make it the best it can be

2. role of library in the future

3. blogging--why do people want to hear my voice?

4. non-fiction--where does it fit at this time?

5. traditional library skills--where do they fit?

6. fixed vs. flexed

7. virtual library page--check out International School of Bombay's new site

8. paperless libraries?

I loved being around other librarians (it's a rather lonely job at times, which is something I didn't fully realize until I was around others) and the discussions that followed. Looking forward to keeping the connections made and forming new ones.


Dear Librarian said...

Yeah! This little lunch was one of my favorite events too! Thanks for recapping it for us here.


Dear Librarian said...

One more thing: in the Teacher Librarian Ning under our International School Librarian group I highlighted your blog. I did mine for awhile, but now I've passed the torch onto you;)

IMC Guy said...

Do you have any more details about your discussions? Did any particular comments stand out?