Friday, 19 September 2008

Learning 2.0

Loving the Learning 2.0 conference here in Shanghai.

Snippets of Learning

*Thoroughly enjoyed the balance of tech and practicality of both Clarence Fisher and Ewan Macintosh in their presentations.

*Making more peace with Twitter (I am bookchica) and seeing more of its potential here at the conference. It is definitely a great tool to connect with others I've met here.

*Thinking that some sort of animation after school activity would be great fun for kids.

Food for Thought

*Completely blown away by the difference of a tech conference with that of any other conference. The fact that people are encouraged to be multitasking during presentations used to make me so uncomfortable, but I have embraced it, and I've been blogging and chatting and reading while listening. However, I still find that the truly engaging speakers make me want to take my head out of my computer. What does that say about classrooms? Are we engaging students enough to keep them with us?

Having an "unconference" with international librarians soon. Hoping to learn lots about what others are doing around the globe in regards to 21st century learning.

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Tiffany X. said...

Hey Mrs Tara! I am from Mr. Howitts class in SAS where you use to teach. I use to be in Mr. Belvins class. Do you know if Mis Daneah has a blog too? :)