Friday, 11 July 2008

My New BFF, the Kindle

Me and my new Kindle, chillin' at a wifi cafe this morning. I'm at a literacy conference in downtown Seattle, and my commute of 2+ hours was so enjoyable this morning surfing the booklists on Kindle and adding tons of samples (I love the option of trying out a book before buying it). Loving every minute of it so far, and the guilt/treason I thought I might feel leaving paper behind is nonexistent. They still have a place in my life (how I could possibly live without the beauty of book covers?), but throwing the Kindle in a bag is the way to go for me right now. It was all I could do to not stop random people on the ferry to show them how fun it is!

On a different note, a huge thanks to Vicki Davis for mentioning my newbie blog on her Cool Cat Teacher blog. I had a ton of comments yesterday that I assumed were spam, so imagine my surprise to find real people commenting (other than my mother and my friend Sharon, that is). Thanks, Vicki and others, for the support of an emerging blogger.

One other observation...out of 180 international teachers at that literacy conference, only a smattering are using laptops as a means of notetaking. Found that quite surprising, and it reinforces my thinking that we have a long way to go in helping teachers use technology to their advantage.


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dsgran said...

Sweet Tara! So now that you've given the Kindle a go, how does it hold up to 'the real thing'?

Robert J. Rubis said...

A little dated here, but I'm playing catchup in adding to my "blogosphere". Love the look of yours!
Would love to borrow your Kindle too. I've been an junkie for 2 years now and became a Twitter convert at the Learning2.0 conference. Maybe I could make the same shift about Kindle (but for the ebook I'm really waiting for, you'll have to read my novel(!:)Details at