Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Cool Product--CPS

I'm taking a tech class at the moment, and we are learning about many interesting new tech tools to be used in the classroom or library. CPS means Classroom Performance System, and they are hand-held clickers that allow you to take a survey quickly and with immediate feedback. You can create a test with the software and have students take the test from their seats. What a fabulous way of assessing kids quickly but also jazzing up the test process! There is a 30 day trial offer where the company will send you the bag with 32 clickers and the base to try for one month. All you are responsible for is the return postage.

I'm already thinking that a fun introduction for teachers would be to create a short, lighthearted test to have them take during a staff meeting as a demonstration of the coolness of the product. The final part would be an invitation to collaborate with me in the library to come up with a test together to do with the students.

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