Monday, 23 April 2007

Music in the Library

One of my favorite easy things to use the computer for is to listen to music. There is an awesome website called that creates an ongoing playlist for you based on the type of music you like. You simply enter the name of a musical artist you know you like already, and Pandora will create a stream of music from that artist as well as artists who have a similar style. It's a great way to discover new artists! One recommendation for mellow music in the library is the instrumental loveliness of Carlos Nakai...

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Sharon said...

Tara -

Just a heads up on Pandora. I recently got an email from them saying that they can not provide to users outside of the USA.

Even if you use your zip code for your stateside address, they can now tell from your computer's IEP address where you are located in the world and will not be 'feeding' to any computers not physcially residing in the US.

Pandora was very apologetic for not being able to reach a truly global community but asked that people keep checking back for changes in their broadcasting restrictions.